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What is fashion? C&A has been asking and answering that question since 1841, when we first pioneered  affordable, ready-to-wear fashion for everyday people.

Fashion is always changing, but what doesn’t change is C&A’s commitment to providee inspiring, sustainable fashion – for the entire family at the best quality and of a fair price. Our 10 labels cover the whole cycle of life, and ensure customers  are well dresses for every occasion. Our inspiration comes straight from the richness, beauty and energy of everyday life. We vigorously renew and evolve our collections to celebrate, inspire and suit the colorful, varied and dynamic lives of our customers.

The different garment types and articles of clothing celebrate and inspire people, as well as suit the colorful, dynamic lives of our customers. Every C&A label has its own look and feel. We make it easy for people to quickly find the clothes they need to look and feel their best. We are always looking to make the best choices we can for our customers, so they don’t have to choose between what’s sustainable and what’s not. We want all our products to be the best they can be, designed and made with sustainability in mind.

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